CaesarStone® Quartz Surfaces
CaesarStone® is a revolutionary material that is changing the face of bathroom design. Made of crushed quartz (one of nature's hardest materials) and high-quality polymer resins and pigments, CaesarStone® offers numerous advantages over other materials: Color Options
CaesarStone counters are available in 40 colors.

Manufacturing Process
CaesarStone is composed of 93% natural quartz and 7% pigments and polymer resins. Once the raw materials have passed a rigorous inspection, they are mixed and compacted into slabs by a patented vacuum and vibration process at a pressure of 100 tons. The slabs are then kiln cured, gauged and calibrated, and polished before being individually inspected and registered in the stocking database.

Environmental and Health Benefits
CaesarStone is manufactured with sustainability in mind. 97% of the water used in production is recycled. Almost 20% of the raw quartz is obtained from mining operations where it would normally be discarded as by-product, and as quartz sand normally discarded during glass manufacturing. Furthermore, CaesarStone is obligated to restore its source quarries after the quartz has been depleted. CaesarStone is a member of the US Green Building Council, a non-profit organization committed to expanding sustainable building practices.

CaesarStone is also committed to promoting the health of its customers. The non-porous quartz surface prevents the growth of surface mold and bacteria and has been endorsed by the National Health and Safety Foundation for installation in hospitals, restaurants, hotels and more. The NSF is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization that is the world leader in standards development, product certification, education and risk-management for public health and safety. CaesarStone is Greenguard certified for both Indoor Air Quality and Children & Schools Emission Standards. Greenguard is an ANSI Authorized Standards Developer that establishes acceptable indoor air standards for indoor products, environments, and buildings.

Caesarstone is proud to offer six colors that contain recycled materials! Ruby Reflections, Quartz Reflections, Chocolate Truffle, and Smoky Ash all contain post-consumer recycled glass. Carbone and Marrone colors both contain recycled CaesarStone material. These two new colors are created by taking remnants from fabricators after production and mixing in new CaesarStone material.*

*These two shades are only available in New York, the Northwest or by special order.